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How to get rid of red stretch marks

Alongside cellulite, stretch marks is one of the greatest fears of women, that are known to be very difficult, if not impossible, to remove. These unsightly marks occur when skin is very stretched, for example in pregnancy or when the person is too fat. After birth or after weight loss, stretch marks and sagging skin are the main aesthetic problems faced by women.  Red stretch marks do not allow women to feel better about themselves, and this is a reason enough to make you learn more about them and how you can treat it!

Why do red stretch marks appear?
Stretch marks are red at first, and then, in time, become white and unsightly. The skin has the ability to recover, but it is not strong enough to remove stretch marks, so you have to help it. If you do not take care of them, no matter how much you diet and sport you do, stretch marks will not disappear.The good news however is that you’re in a situation where many women would like to be. How so? Because if you have red stretch marks , it means that you can treat this  phase easily, unlike when they begin to lighten.
– The first and most important rule, if you want to get rid of stretch marks and fat in general is to eat healthy, drink enough water and be active. Your daily menu should consist mainly of fruits and vegetables, with small portions of meat and protein of animal origin, and vegetable. Do not forget the healthy fats (nuts, olive oil, fish) and grain, which gives you the necessary fiber  for a healthy digestion. In terms of fluid intake is advisable to drink 2 liters of water daily / unsweetened tea and increase the amount if you exercise or if it is very hot outside and you sweat more. Last rule, but not least, is to do sports or, at least, to be active. That does not mean go to the gym or do a particular sport, but it is sufficient to make only small changes. For example, you should walk to work or you can climb the stairs instead of taking the elevator.

– Use special creams for stretch marks, even if you don’t believe in the products on the market too much. Sure you can make a homemade cream, but the store has certain substances that speed up the skin’s recovery process, and you do not have too much time in terms of red stretch marks.

– Always moisturize the skin , without exception. Use lotions and body oils every day, maybe twice a day on the affected areas.

– Consume products that stimulate the production of collagen –  a protein found in the body which is responsible for skin regeneration and maintain its elasticity.

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How to get rid of red stretch marks

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