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Hair Treatment based on Mustard

Mustard is known as an effective incentive for hair growth. It has burning and drying properties, which help increasing the blood supply to the scalp level, it regulates sebaceous glands and that contribute to absorption of excess fat. In addition, applying mustard masks on your hair stimulates hair growth. Women having used mustard masks recommend using it, guaranteeing that after using this mask for one month their hair length accelerated have increased by approximate three centimeters.
Ingredients for mustard mask for accelerating dry hair growth

– one tablespoon of mayonnaise;
– one tablespoon of olive oil;
– one teaspoon of mustard powder;
– one teaspoon of butter.
Mix well all the ingredients until obtaining a cream. Rub the composition into the roots of your hair. After applying the mask, cover your hair with plastic wrap and upon the plastic put a towel or a scarf. Keep on the mask for approximately 30 up to 40 minutes and afterwards wash your hair with warm water, not hot.
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Hair Treatment based on Mustard

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