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Home treatment for lush eyelashes

We all dream of long and lush lashes, but not all of us are born with them. For those who don’t have the lashes they want there is a simple treatment to gain them.And it doesn’t involve expensive cosmetic products rich in chemicals.

This simple home remedy for enhancing the growth of your lashes is going to clean, revitalize and strengthen them, as well as highlight them, so chances are you won’t need mascara anymore.


  • 1 oz (28 ml) castor oil
  • lemon
  • mascara brush, clean of mascara

Preparation and application:

Pour the castor oil in a small bottle, then peel a lemon and cut a slice that can be fitted in the bottle. Wash the peeled lemon and let it dry, then add it to the castor oil. Let the mixture sit for 3-4 days.

Apply the mixture on your lashes every night before bedtime with the mascara brush. Rinse the mixture in the morning.

Repeat the treatment every night until you get the desired results.

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Home treatment for lush eyelashesHome treatment for lush eyelashes

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