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Heal acne with egg white facial mask

Have you ever wondered how women  managed to keep their beauty and youthfulness once, when there weren’t so many innovative cosmetics? The answer is simple: they used what they had: different foods and plants. Although the cosmetics industry knows significant progress from year to year, we see a growing trend to return to simple, natural methods of care that have never disappointed.

Egg white has always been used in beauty treatments, due to its incredible properties on the skin. The composition of proteins and albumin in egg white tones the skin and keeps it away from wrinkles.

Here’s why you should try egg white facial mask!
1.  Helps you to get rid of ENLARGED PORES. Egg white has astringent properties which help shrinking large pores. This remedy works best if you combine the egg white with a little lemon juice and leave the mask to act at least 15 minutes. After you rinse your face, your skin will feel much tighter, so be sure to moisturize appropriately.

2. FACIAL HAIR. For a woman it is an ordeal to get rid of facial hair, especially because it can be a painful and difficult process. After it is applied to the face and left to dry, egg whites can be removed just like a skin layer, by pulling it with all the unwanted hair strands. Of course this method only works with thin hair, such as fluff, so you can not give up  all the tweezers, but you will definitely ease your life.

3. Has LIFTING effect. Because tightens the skin, egg white is excellent for  a toned more even  fresh skin. Before applying  the whites, just wash your face with warm water, then wipe with a cotton disk . Apply egg white with a brush and let it dry, then remove it with cold water. Insist with  whites especially in the  under the eyes and cheeks area.

4. Cures ACNE AND THE SCARS LEFT BY ACNE. Acne is caused by an sebum excess, and egg white is good in order to solve this problem. However, if you have a serious acne, better not use this mask because it can be a little too aggressive for sensitized skin. But if you have only a few pimples or scars left by acne this  is a perfect remedy. For an enhanced effect of this masks with egg whites, add two drops of tea tree oil. Use the mask two times a week and you will notice after a while how your skin begins to recover.

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Heal acne with egg white facial mask

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