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Homemade Hand Sanitizer

Commercial antibacterial gels quite harmful for the skin because of the chemical agents used to combat germs. Due to the composition of substances, the skin becomes dry and can suffer more serious injuries: peeling or acquiring an unpleasant appearance.
Here are the ingredients needed for the antibacterial gel:
– 5-10 drops of lavender essential oil
– 30 drops of tea tree essential oil (0.5 percent concentration)
– A tablespoon of walnut essence witch (witch hazel)
– 230 grams of pure aloe vera
– A quarter teaspoon of Vitamin E

Stir the essential oils with the Vitamin E in a small glass/bowl or any other container or glass ceramic. Then add the essential oil of witch hazel and mix again. Add the all content over the aloe vera gel and mix well. Put the contents into an empty container and shake it before use.

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Homemade Hand Sanitizer

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