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Homemade Natural Mask For The Hair

Every woman is probably using it very often in kitchen, but do they know what other qualities is it hiding?Red onion contains vitamin A, vitamin B and vitamin C, mineral salts, substances with antibiotic and diuretics character. Its proprieties are remaining intact if it is consumed raw.

Here are also other nutritional information: Fibers: 1.3 grams, calories: 23, proteins: 0.9 grams, potassium: 40 mg, calcium: 31 mg, phosphor: 32 mg, vitamin C: 25 mg and it also has a high sulfur content. Red onion is used for a huge variety of utilities, not to mention food preparing, it is also good in losing calories and burning fat, often used in diets, it offers a resistance in front of many diseases (diabetes and heart diseases especially) and many celebrities are using it for the good looking aspect of their hair!

Indeed, red onion is a efficient ingredient for a healthy and beautiful hair. Even if the growing of hair is a matter of gene, certain internal and external factor may affect din process. So, the high quality healthy can improve and stimulate the hair growing. Red onion contain a big quantity of sulfur, which is important for collagen production. Collagen is essential for hair growth.

This remedy with red onion will make your hair grow twice as fast. Here you can find out how to prepare the remedy:
-wash and clean 2-4 onions for a medium hair and squeeze their juice
-add on tablespoon of honey
-gently scrub the scalp with this mixture
-leave it on for about 15-30 minutes
-it is well known that the smell might disturb you but the effort will be rewarded. If you will leave the mixture on your hair as long as you can, it will be more efficient.
-after the time passed, you can wash your hair but it is recommended to use a shampoo as natural as possible because some chemicals that many cheap champions care containing, might disturb the mixture’s process.

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Homemade Natural Mask For The Hair

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