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Homemade shampoo with 2 ingredients

A homemade shampoo,  made only with natural ingredients, is  better than his commercially version . Moreover, the presented  recipe it is very simple and has the skin’s natural pH of 5.5, which  you hardly find on store shelves.

This is what you need for this natural shampoo:
-1 can of coconut milk (or half a cup of  homemade coconut milk)
-1 cup and three-quarters of aloe vera gel
Optionally you can add essential oils with the desired flavor. All these ingredients needed for your natural shampoo  can be found at herbal stores.

How to do to prepare the mixture:

1. Mix the two ingredients using a mixer until the content becomes homogeneous.

2. Put the composition in ice trays

3. Leave it in the freezer and wait a few hours until it freezes completely. Now, the shampoo cubes can be transferred in hermetic bags  or you can simply leave it in the trays.
How to use the shampoo
Take out the shampoo cube tray the night before you wash your hair and keep it into a smaller container in the refrigerator until you decide to take a shower. Apply  it on the hair like normal shampoo. The amount you need to use it is about a quarter of cubes. Rub the scalp, and then go on the length. Wait for 30 seconds, then rinse with water. If you experience a feeling of greasy hair, rinse with vinegar. If it happen to remain a piece of natural shampoo put it in the container, in the refrigerator.
There is a possibility to have a impression that your hair is not clean, which is normal – given that you gave up the traditional shampoo, but you must persevere in using  this natural variant. At the fourth wash,  the scalp  will regain its neutral pH and you can enjoy the miraculous effects of this mixture.Homemade shampoo with 2 ingredients.

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Homemade shampoo with 2 ingredients

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