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How to be in trend this summer

It is true that in 2016 we fell in love with lip gloss, but we don’t want to lose the matte lipstick! This trend dominates more than ever, conquering almost all the runways fashion!
Discover which are the colors of matte lipstick that will delight us in 2016 what options you have to try and which are the most used makeup tricks for a successful implementation of this beloved cosmetic!

2016 beauty trends are extremely generous with you, so if you’re wondering which are the lipstick colors to invest in, the answer is … almost everything dark! The only care that you should have is to make sure your finish lipstick is as matte as possible.

Of course, red is still the most popular option among girls everywhere, especially when it comes to matte lipstick! This color of passion is universally flattering , provides a whitening effect and animates even the pale skin, erasing the signs of fatigue. On the podium I saw this look from Jason Wu and Topshop Unique, where red lips patterns were associated with a combination of Princess Margaret of Great Britain and Courtney Love!

But do not limit yourself to red 2016! Matt lipsticks in shades of purple and juicy berries trends continue to dominate, although the fall passed.
Matte lipstick is the equivalent of eyeliner. It looks flawlessly on the podium, but it’s so pretentious in real life. Makeup artists have decided to make your life easier and you generously share of their tricks! Peel your lips before applying the lipstick. For great results, pamper your lips before or after peeling a portion of cosmetic Vaseline or lip balm.

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How to be in trend this summer

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