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How to clean blinds

One of the most difficult activities that you  have to do at home is cleaning the blinds. These objects changed their appearance much lately. At first, they were made of wood, then appeared the canvas, and now, the most common are the plastic ones. They attract dust very quickly and they require the most rigorous and frequent cleaning process. And if you’ve neglected a long time or if you have been away for a long time, things get complicated.

For  an effective cleaning  I propose you a series of steps that should follow in this process:

To remove dust, you can use a spray product  designed specifically for this. Just as easily, you can use a cloth soaked in a solution  made of water and special detergent. Be careful though and put  a towel down to prevent soiling the carpet with the water that may leak;
Another method that you can apply to clean each band of the blind with a dust cloth;
If you have wooden blinds, you can remove dust with a cloth or a special swab.
It is forbidden to wash blinds in the washing machine or dishwasher;
If you choose to remove them, but you do not want to soak them  in water, you can put them under the shower jet. Thus, the water will drain the dirt of them and you clean them faster.
For easier cleaning of vertical blinds, we recommend you  vacuuming them and wipe the dust  every half a year, because then you do not have to wash them with soap.

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How to clean blinds

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