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How to clean the cutting board: plastic or wood

The cutting board is one of the tools in the kitchen which easily fills with bacteria and you must know how to clean it properly. After kitchen sponge, the cutting board can become a danger to your health, putty that is wooden or plastic.

How to properly clean wood cutting board
Rinse it after every use
As soon as you use it you need to rinse with clean water, then let it dry in an airy place. Do not wash in your dishwasher because it can contaminate the wash water and other dishes with bacteria from the wood. If you rinse immediately after use, much of bacteria will be destroyed.

Remove the stains with salt or baking soda
After a while of use, the cutting board wood loses its beautiful original color and stains. You can remove the stains by rubbing them with a clean cloth which you have to moisten in salt and then clean the cutting board.  can do the same  with baking soda.

Disinfect and remove the odor with white vinegar
Vinegar can be a good disinfectant and simultaneously removes unpleasant odors from cutting board. Pour a little white vinegar in a sprayer and spray the bottom. Let the vinegar act for half an hour, then you can rinse with clean, cold water. Do this especially when your cut raw meat.

How to properly clean a plastic cutting board
A plastic cutting board also need to be washed after each use, and that will remove part of the bacteria. This happens more often with an old cutting board, with deep cuts in it, but this one you can disinfect with alcohol, white vinegar or simply you can get a new one.

You can use lemon juice to disinfect it and to remove odors and you can return to its original color with sodium bicarbonate. Proceed as in the case of a wooden cutting board.

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How to clean the cutting board Plastic or Wood

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