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How to clean the walls

Even if you do not notice, dust is deposited in large amounts on the surface of the walls. If you do not regularly dust, the finish degrades, there is a risk of  spiders to appear and, very importantly, allergen germs will develop. Add this activity on your list of cleaning to protect the health of the entire family.

How remove dust and spiders homes

Use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of most dust deposited on the walls. Its accessories will help  you to clean each area, separately. Before you use it, make sure you clean all accessories of dirt so it won’t leave traces on the surface of the walls. If you can not use a vacuum cleaner, use a brush. For inaccessible corners you need a brush with long soft bristles.

How to wash the wall

Step 1. Prepare a solution of warm water and dish detergent, baking soda or vinegar. It is good to keep a bucket with clean water to rinse the cloth each time you use it. Thus, the wash water will be permanently clean.

Step 2. Before using the solution, test it in advance on a hidden portion to see the finish reactions. It is also good to cover the floor with a protective rug or newspapers.

Step 3. Use cloths, rags and paper towels in colors as close to the wall. If you wipe a white wall with a blue cloth, the wall’s color will change.

Step 4. When washing, always keep a circular motion without pressing. Protect the finish layer by eliminating excess water each time you rinse the cloth.

Step 5. Start brushing the top of the wall, near the ceiling. In this way you protect the area you have washed you let it dry and avoid staining or splashing it. Wipe the cleaned surface with a dry  soft cloth for faster drying.

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How to clean the walls

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