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How to clean UGG boots without damaging them

UGG Australia is a clothing company that designs boots called Uggs. In addition to the boots, the company sells slippers, sandals and shoes. UGG has lines for men, women and children. Styles, especially boots are popular in winter. They are made of sheepskin, leather, suede. Although the fabric lasts a year, footwear tends to attract stains. Fortunately, there are UGG products and ways of cleaning and take care of them at home.

Remove any dirt or hair from the boots before you clean them with a brush. The boots should not be soaked or wet, but somewhere in between.

Apply the cleaning solution onto the skin with a clean sponge. Gently rub the boots over the entire outer surface.Avoid cleaning just dirty stains to maintain a consistent color. The stains often go unnoticed on boots, in particular winter stains, such as  salt residues  and  melted ice. If the boots have heavier colored stains, do not rub too much these areas to avoid those less visible.

Rinse  the boots under a tap using cold water to reduce shrinkage and to soften the color. Once cleaning is complete, rinse and fill the boots with paper towels, newspapers, or socks. This helps preserve the shape of boots.

Boots should be dried within 24 to 48 hours. A cool, dry place is ideal. Avoid using a heater or direct sun lights to dry them . The heat creates wrinkles. The boots should not be worn until they are completely dry, or the size will increase. Once dried, restore the soft look by gently brushing them.

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How to clean UGG boots without damaging them

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