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How to clean your computer keyboard in 30 seconds

Who does not like to eat while working, reading or watching movies? Well, most of us do this, but what about the dirt accumulated on the keyboard?
Eating while your on your computer, can be relaxing for many of us and sometimes can help us to save time and finish  the projects faster.
However, this activity has less pleasant sides.

Most often, we end up dealing with a  keyboard  full with remnants of sandwiches that we’ve consumed over time.

Here’s what to do when the laptop keyboard is loaded with lint, dust and crumbs.

You need a post-it. All you have to do is to use the sticky side between  keys, thus managing to remove the pieces of bread and other dirt.

Also, using this technique you’ll be able to remove even the shells of seeds reached between laptop keys after you watched movies a whole weekend.

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How To Clean Your Computer Keyboard In 30 Seconds

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