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How to get rid of blackheads

Clogged pores and dead cells can make our skin look dull and lifeless. Here are some useful tricks to get rid of blackheads:
Blackheads occur when the skin removes a larger amount of sebum, and this usually happens to people with oily or mixed skin type. This types of skin fail to remove sebum from the skin which it is deposited gradually in pores. Bacteria and germs in the atmosphere, makeup products and a layer of dead cells plus existing sebum, create combination that is not favorable to your face skin. This comes as a series of blackheads, unsightly and unpleasant. In fact, blackheads are a sort of pimples, but because they are exposed and in contact with air, oxidize and become black. Here are a few natural and cheap ingredients which have antibacterial properties and will help you get rid of blackheads:
Yogurt. Yogurt is an ideal ingredient to treat blackheads and pimples due to its antibacterial and antifungal properties. This dairy product destroy impurities and leaves the skin clean and fresh. At the same time the zinc and lactic acid help to close pores, exfoliating the dead skin, and moisturizing it at the same time.

Yogurt can be applied directly to your face or mixed with various ingredients such as cucumber, lemon, honey, to enjoy the many beneficial properties simultaneously.
Honey. Honey contains a particular enzyme which produces a compound called hydrogen peroxide, which has antibacterial properties. Therefore, when it penetrates the skin, honey “attacks” bacteria that lead to blackheads and helps the skin to recover. You should know that different types of honey have different antibacterial potential. The richest honey in antimicrobial properties is the Manuka honey.
Green lemon. Green lemon (or lime) is an ally of women with oily skin prone to blackheads. How does it work? It removes dead cells using citric acid, leaving the skin cleaner and brighter, kills bacteria associated with blackheads and acne and brown spots caused by sun exposure. In addition by acts as an astringent – minimizes the pores. To enjoy these advantages of lime is recommended to include it in your homemade face masks for oily skin and not to use it directly on the skin.
Cinnamon. Cinnamon acts in two ways: it’s tough enough to exfoliate the skin, but gentle enough to soften it and not aggressing it. An excellent scrub to exfoliate the skin can be done at home using cinnamon, sugar, baking powder and water. This mixture removes dirt and cleans the pores of blackheads, leaving the skin radiant. Cinnamon has antimicrobial, antiviral, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory, heals acne and brings more oxygen to the skin.
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How to get rid of blackheads


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