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How to grow thicker eyebrows in a short time

Before starting a make-up we must know first of all to care of ourselves, so it is very important to pay attention to small details that will always make the difference, details like eyebrows – for example. Regardless of trends in makeup, eyebrows should always be as beautiful, curved and symmetrical as possible. Thin eyebrows are not fashionable, now the thicker eyebrows time has come. But how do you grow you thick eyebrows back in a short time? We will tell you. Take a look at this three treatments.

  1. Castor oil. A lot of people know about its benefits but few of them use it to solve their hair problems. Castor oil feeds the hair follicles and stimulates the growth of new hair. Apply the castor oil on your eyebrows every night, after cleaning you face.
  2. Onion Juice. And yes, the smell may not be nice but due to his sulfur composition, the blood circulation will be stimulated and the hair will grow faster on the affected area. Put one onion in the juicer and use its juice on your eyebrows every night.
  3. Coconut oil. This oil work its magic not only on skin but on hair too. Apply it every night after your cleansing ritual and let it stay on your eyebrows overnight. It’s results will shortly appear.
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How to grow thicker eyebrows in a short time

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