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How to make a natural blush in shades of peach and rose

Stop spending money on chemical makeup cosmetics. Is time to learn how to create your natural blush. Depending on your preference and skin tone, try one of the options below: peach or rose shade.
Recipe for natural blush peach shade
Do you want to prepare a bio blush to help you give the impression that your skin has been kissed by the sun? Try the  below! You need only 3-4 ingredients, depending on the tone you want to get, darker or lighter.

– Half a teaspoon of  arrowroot powdered;
– Half a teaspoon of organic cocoa;
– Half a teaspoon of powdered hibiscus;
– a small amount of food coloring in the color peach (optional).

Preparation method:
This is the classic recipe for preparing a bio blush, but you can do experiments with the quantities  until you get the perfect shade. Mix all ingredients. If you want to get a darker shade, don’t use the food coloring ingredient. It is important to start with the base – arrowroot powder. To see if the hue obtained is what you desire, test the product on the cheek, then store it in a tightly sealed container.

Recipe for bio  blush in rose shade
A rosy note on cheeks gives the impression of health and freshness, and the blush is your makeup trick that can help you get this effect without much effort.

– Half a tablespoon of powdered beetroot;
– Half a tablespoon of arrowroot powder;
– Half a tablespoon of cocoa;
– Half a teaspoon of powdered ginger (optional).

Preparation method:
Put half a tablespoon of powdered beetroot in a bowl, then add the other ingredients. To get a tone that suits you, gradually add quantities. Consider that arrowroot powder lightens, the cocoa powder darkens, and ginger gives a little shine.

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How to make a natural blush in shades of peach and rose

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