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How to obtain super long eyelashes in 5 minutes

A trick for longer eyelashes, invented by a beauty blogger from  Dubai, made headlines last days on the Internet. The young Huda Kattan has taught her fans how to get longer eyelashes  similar to false eyelashes, but naturally, using only mascara, a clean mascara brush from an old mascara and some cotton.

Super long eyelashes in just 5 minutes
– Optionally, before starting the process, you can apply a little balm for eyelashes;
– Then apply a coat of mascara;
– With brush that you have handy, take some cotton and apply it on the eyelashes;

– Reapply a coat of mascara;
– Repeat the procedure;
-Finish the new length of eyelashes – you can remove by hand the  long pieces of wool or can cut the excess with scissors (careful to cut only the excess, not your eyelashes);
– Keep in mind that you must apply it carefully, so the wool won’t get in your eyes. If this happens, wash yourself thoroughly with lukewarm water.

Finally you’ll have very long eyelashes, similar to false, with no additional cost.

Diet plays an important role
Improve your diet if you want longer eyelashes. Proteins are essential for healthy growth of hair. A diet rich in protein (meat, fish, eggs and dairy) ensure faster growth of hair. The diet should also contain vitamins A, C and E and folic acid, beta carotene and zinc.

Castor oil and olive oil
Castor oil and olive oil work wonders for eyelashes.
Every night, after cleansing, lubricate the roots of eyelashes with castor or olive oil with a clean toothbrush. In the morning rinse with lukewarm water. This procedure must be followed on a daily basis for at least 10 days.

Vitamin E treatment
Another ally for eyelashes is vitamin E. Apply your oil with vitamin E with a clean toothbrush on your eyelashes in the evening before bedtime. It takes about two weeks to see the difference.

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How to obtain super long eyelashes in 5 minutes

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