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How to properly clean your navel

When you clean your body you should give a special attention to your navel. An improper cleaning can lead to infections and unpleasant odor.

“Tumors” in your navel

Several surgeons in the world have come to treat some tumors and make surgical excision of some suspect apparently benign tumor on the umbilical area of a few patients. In fact, the “tumors” proved to be a disgusting mixture of bacteria, dirt, sweat, soap, body lotions and lint.Incredible as it may seem, some people don’t clean properly their belly and get to the doctor with all sorts of infections or suspicious clumps of matter that can be mistaken for tumors.

Piercings,an increased danger

Navel is one that can easily develop infections and accumulate secretions (sweat, sebum). People with navel should be more careful to not develop dangerous infections. Navel it is cleaned like any other part of the body, especially if we talk about men who gathers lint in this area after the friction fluffy clothes with body hair.

How to properly clean your navel

To avoid those embarrassing moments when the doctor tells you that your belly tumor is just an inflammation of the tissue due to poor hygiene, you should have a properly hygiene.

If your belly is out, a normal shower is often enough. If your navel inward looks like a dimple need attention.

At least once a week you should clean the area with a cotton swab of cotton wool. It must be soaked in soapy water, rubbed in alcohol or water and the required cleaning is complete.
If you can not get rid of an unpleasant odor, red or peeling areas, go to your family doctor or a dermatologist and get rid of the infection or of the eczema with the given treatment.

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How to properly clean your navel

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