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How To Remove Gel Manicure By Yourself

Many women, nowadays, are using the gel manicure because it is the simplest way to always have some gorgeous nails, always ready to shine, always clean and never unattractive. The worst part is that you have to always go to the cosmetics salon in order to keep your nails good looking and to keep them in shape. Today you can find out how to remove the gel manicure by yourself, at home, without paying a penny and without losing hours at the salon.

All you need in order to cleanse your gel manicure is acetone, wool and tin foil. Soak nail size pieces of cotton in acetone. After that, cover your nails well, then wrap fingertips in foil as wool will not move out of its place. Now you have to wait for 10 minutes. Then, remove the tinfoil and cotton. And now you can exfoliate the gel directly onto the nail – it will be removed quite easily. If first try fails, put cotton wool soaked in acetone on nails and leave it for five minutes.

After you have finished cleaning your nails, file them and give them a few days to breathe. Apply vitamin D oil for faster recovery.

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How To Remove Gel Manicure By Yourself

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