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How to Remove Pigmented Spots from the face

Pigmented spots on the face are problems that many of us face and can cause several troubles. All you need to get rid of the pigmented spots is 50 grams of cherry pits in order to prepare the balm that will help you remove the face pigmented spots.


First, you need to crush the seeds hard shell and grind its interior. After crushing it, take a jar and add 200 ml of olive oil and the powder obtained. Mix very well the ingredients. It is very important that the resulting mixture is kept for 14 days in a dark place.

After the 14 days, use cheesecloth in order to strain the mixture. The liquid obtained is put in a glass jar at must be kept at room temperature. You need just a few drops of this remedy on gauze and apply it on your face on a daily basis before bedtime.
The effects will show up after 30 days of using this treatment. It is recommended to follow this remedy until the unsightly stains will eventually disappear completely.

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How to Remove Pigmented Spots on the Face

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