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How to remove tobacco smell from house

Did you moved into a new house, but it belonged to hardcore smokers who have formed the habit of smoking throughout the house? Certainly the smell of tobacco was impregnated throughout the house, in the walls and furniture, which means that you face an unpleasant smell every time you enter the house.
The smell is not the only problem in this regard. Imagine that you breathe all the deposits on the walls and that your lungs are affected, whether or not you are a smoker. Here are the most simple solutions to get rid of the smell and freshen up the whole house.

Wash the walls
If the walls are painted with washable paint, then washing them will not be a problem. It will indeed take several hours, depending on the size of the house, but spending will be cut. Mix 3 liters of water  with 1 teaspoon dishwasher detergent, put on a pair of plastic gloves, grab a large sponge, soak it in the mixture, squeeze it thoroughly and wash the walls. If you’re still not 100% happy with the result, you can repeat the procedure.
Careful! If you wash the walls of a single room, you can do  this job alone, but if it’s more than one room, certainly you need help. You can ask a friend or you can hire professional help to do all the work.

Paint the walls:
If the walls are painted with a product that is not washable, the only solution is to paint the walls. Acquire all the necessary products, hire a painter and in just a few days your house will be like new. Of course, a few days will smell of paint, but it certainly is more accepted than the cigarette.

Wash the furniture
If you bought the home with all the furniture, you have to wash it to get rid of the tobacco odor. Wash the furniture with warm water and dishwasher  liquid detergent. Change water frequently, depending on the size furniture.

Wash the windows
Windows and their frames are the smallest problem and the easiest to clean. But even so do not neglect them. Wash them first with a sponge soaked in soapy water and then wipe them with paper towels. Will remain perfectly clean and shiny.

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How to remove tobacco smell from house

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