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Ideal makeup for middle aged women

After the age of 40 specific problems will appear: wrinkles, dry skin, blemishes, so we have to note that mature skin needs intense hydration. So, focus on preparing the skin before applying the makeup itself. Choose a moisturizing cream and let it take effect within minutes.

When you look for a concealer you must keep in mind two things: thicker textured concealers are suitable for covering red spots and pronounced dark circles and those with a light texture are used to cover imperfections of the skin and matifierea areas around the nose , chin and forehead. Usually the concealer color should be very close to the color of foundation, the coverage will make the difference between these products. Apply the product with circular motions by using your finger or a special brush, for a better coverage.

The eyeliner can be an excellent ally in eye corrections when it’s properly applied. Most makeup artists are using it to “paint” the ideal form of the eye, often creating art. Close your eye while you apply the product so you can see better the eyelid and draw lines as straight as possible. Next, start applying the eyeliner in the middle of the eyelid, then the outside and easily draw the inside line. Careful though, the inside line should be much thinner than in the middle and outside of the eye, otherwise your eyes will seem smaller. Another way to apply the eyeliner is from one end to the other, one line, which can be thickened after the first application. Of course, you can do this if you hand is not shaking or if you’re used to do it.

Finally you cand apply the eyeshadow. Use the right tone to complement your eye colour. The main role of the eye shadow should be highlighting the eyes, so it becomes logical that if you have blue eyes you should not use a blue shadow. Women with blue eyes should choose eyeshadows in shades of green, gray, copper, silver, large, gold, pink or purple off. The same colours goes for those who have green eyes. For those with brown eyes, brown shadow is not recommended. If you have hazel eyes you should choose makeup in shades of blue, green or gray.

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Ideal makeup for middle aged women

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