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Ingrown hairs removal

It is a well know fact that ingrown hairs can become quite irritating and sometimes even painful. The problem starts you do not know how to treat them as they may become infected. What actually happens is that the hair thread can grow under the skin. This implies that instead of getting out through skin pores, it twists.

But how can you remove ingrown hairs?
Ingrown hair are problematic as they can become unsightly or red, causing irritation. In order to keep them under control you should properly remove all hair follicles.

– alcohol
– tweezers
– hydrogen peroxide
– a towel
– warm water

Cleanse the skin with soap and warm water

An extremely important step before removing hairs under the skin is to open the pores. Cleanse the ingrown hair areas of the skin with soap and warm water in order to avoid any possible risk of infection.

Sterilize the tweezers

Another important thing to mention is that you should sterilize the tweezers by putting them in alcohol for a few minutes as do not wish to cause more irritation.

Warm compress

Warm compresses are recommended in case of slight bulges. Keep them on the affected area for approximately 2 minutes. This is aimed at helping the hair to get out from under the skin.

In case the hair didn’t pierced the skin yet, forcing it to get out from under the skin might not be such a good idea, unless it is already infected.

What to do to “remove” ingrown hairs?

ATTENTION: This step must not be performed unless the problematic area is already infected or even bleeding and the ingrown hair does not get out from under the skin. You can help your hair coming out of the follicle using a tweezers. Use the sharpest side of a tweezers smoothly applying pressure to the hair so you only can scratch the surface of the skin in order to allow hair to come out of the follicle.

It is utterly important not to yank the hair in order to avoid increasing in the exact same way next time. Pull it out above the skin in the same growth direction.

Once completed this treatment, you should clean the area with the use of hydrogen peroxide. There may remain pus, blood or other signs of infection in the hair follicle.

Prevent hair growth under the skin supposes cleansing the skin very well. Use hydrogen peroxide directly on the follicle and let it clean your pores. It is best to act immediately you see an ingrown hair.

The hairs under the skin are highly problematic, especially when it comes to hot and humid climates. Now you know what to do at first signs of small bumps under your skin.

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Ingrown hairs removal

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