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How to keep towels fluffy and soft

What is the first thing you look take a shower? Of course, the towels with which you remove  the excess water and finish the cleaning process. However, it can spoil your mood if the towel  has an unpleasant odor or if instead of being very fluffy, it scratches your skin. Here’s how to take care of the towels not only  to be clean and soft, but also fluffy and absorbent.

Take care of the towels since you buy them
If you just purchased a set of towels that are so thick and soft to the touch that makes you feel like in a luxury hotel, you should take care of them since the first use and keep them like us. First, it is good to know that some manufacturers and retailers use a special conditioner for the towels exposed on shelf, so they are extremely fluffy, yet remain intact.
So when you get home, wash the towels  using a short program with detergent and instead of softener add a cup of white vinegar. White vinegar will disinfect them, will remove any trace of fabric softener used by the producer and  will freshen the fabric. Perhaps you fear that the towels will smell like vinegar, but you should not worry in this regard because after they dry, the smell goes away.

How to wash them
First of all, you should understand that after you use it is not right to throw the towel in the laundry basket because it can trap bacteria or mold  and develop odor. The best option is to put him straight to washing, and if not possible (not enough towels to wash), the only option left is to put the towel to dry in a well ventilated place and then put it into the  laundry basket. Also, because towels are not dirty, and just need to be freshen, it is recommended to put only half the amount of detergent that you normally use. So if you normally put in the washing machine  a measure of detergent, towels only get half measure.
Meanwhile, if you want to make them soft and fluffy, it is best to put softener in the same compartment with the  detergent. If you put it in the softener compartment, the towels will have a low water absorption capacity.

How dry them
If you have the a drying option on your  washing machine, make sure it does not dry completely and do not use the highest temperature to avoid the risk of destroying the fiber towel . Also if you want to dry them outdoors, do not let them stay longer in the sun after it  completely  dries because they get to be very rigid and scratch your skin.

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How to keep towels fluffy and soft

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