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Liver’s Detoxification With A Handmade Juice

The liver is a very important organ from our organism, and it needs, like about everything in this world. Some good care. Liver is also called ‘ body lab “because there are vital for the body carries mechanisms.
He filters the blood, down fats, eliminates toxic substances , synthesize certain proteins and much, much more. In total , it has about 500 positions. No wonder that more and sometimes gets tired and needs a break. Accordingly a detox. The liver depends on quality of the blood, digestion, skin appearance, immunity, and overall well-being. Thus, we must take good care of his health, and when it comes to detoxify the body, to think first about him. It’s more important than the bowel detoxification, skin or kidneys.

Periods where you feel tired, you skin dry and dull , low immunity, are signs that the liver is not well and needs a little “cooperation” from you. Detox helps eliminate toxins, strengthen the immune system , and should be held at least once a year. The treatment lasts two to three weeks, during which you should avoid alcohol, fats, processed foods and medicines, that is the greatest “enemies” of the liver that are most difficult to process. Your diet is better to be based on raw fruits and vegetables , herbal teas with hepatoprotective effect, natural foods rich in vitamins, salts, essential fatty acids. An herbal remedy is known detoxifying fruit and vegetable juices for three to seven days. It may be hard at first if you’re a big fan grill sausages and fries. But as you feel increasingly invigorated, easy, full of energy, skin clean and bright, you get to appreciate properly the liver detoxification and you will understand better what we talked about here.

But here is a homemade juice that can help you to detoxify your liver:

You need three lemons, a cup of chopped parley leaves, five boiled celery and 6 cups of water. Put all these ingredients in a blender and consume two cups, three times per day, before main meals. After three days, make a pause for 7-10 days, then repeat this treatment.

Celery and parsley juice is rich in nutrients, antioxidants, enzymes, chlorophyll and essential oils. Besides that helps eliminate toxins, lemon dissolve mineral deposits that could turn into stones. In addition, consumption of juice reduces cancer risk, improves immune function, reduces inflammation and protects blood vessels.

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Liver's Detoxification With A Handmade Juice

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