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Makeup tips and tricks for women who wear glasses

There are many makeup tricks out there and most of them are simply delicious, to put it like this. But when you wear glasses things change a little. OK, they change a lot, because the frames can hide your makeup and make you look ordinary.

Unless you have a load of tips and tricks on how to apply makeup when you wear glasses, which is what we’re going to discover right now.

Dark frames and makeup

When you wear glasses with dark, prominent frames your eyes are going to be defined by default, so there is no need for extra definition. Stay away from bold eyeliner and pick pastel eye shadow. Make sure to use the right type of eyeshadow, as you don’t want it to gather in the eye folds. Remember that smokey eyes and cat eye are not the makeup to choose when you wear bold frames.

Another thing to remember when you wear dark frames is they can look really masculine and they draw attention to your eye area. If you want to create a nice balance for your face apply red lipstick and a good blush. However, don’t exaggerate.

Makeup tricks for lenses

Lenses emphasize the eye and the area around it, so you want to stay away from too much mascara. Avoid that mascara which clogs the lashes because they will look unpleasant behind the lenses. Pick a high quality mascara and apply one layer only, to lengthen the lashes and separate them.

You want to pay attention to the area under the eye, which is very visible when you wear lenses. Apply a good concealer and blend it really well.

Light frames and general makeup tips

For regular or light frames you want to use colors to enhance the look of your eyes. Avoid heavy eye makeup and go for subtle highlighting using pastels.

Keep in mind that glasses are not a burden these days; wearing glasses makes you sexy and you can use makeup to emphasize your features behind the glasses.

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Makeup tips and tricks for women who wear glasses

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