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Makeup trick: Fuller Lips Without Surgery

Contouring techniques are useful not only for sculpted cheekbones, but  also for for your lips by giving the illusion of fuller lips.Same principle  of light placing applies here: light shades to create the the volume illusion and dark shades for a depth effect.
1. On your  hydrated lips, begins by tracing the outer contour of the lips using darker shade of lipliner. Choose a neutral shade of burgundy, which will bring extra depth to this ombre lips makeup.

2. Then apply a lipliner in a lighter shade of red to fill the free left space, using short strokes and precise; do not skip this step because it gives to your lips makeup extreme resistance!
3. Using a brush, apply the darker shade of lipstick over the outline, making sure you do not cover the red hue in the center of the lips.
4. Apply a matte lipstick in a shade of red cherry in the center of the lips, in the area bordered by darker shade of burgundy. Make sure not to cover the earlier traced outline to avoid the removal of depth created. For more precision, use a flat brush with synthetic bristles.
5. Apply illuminating creamy product in the center of the lower lip – this step creates the effect of an extra volume and draws attention to the center of the mouth, which will make the lips look bigger.
6. “Seal” everything  using a semi-transparent lipgloss, non-tacky, free of shimmer or glitter. Thus, you will not only create extra volume, but also restore optimal hydration.

Although it is not difficult to recreate  at home this ombre lips technique used by Marilyn M.,  integrating it into your daily makeup routine can be a challenge, because you will need about 15 minutes.

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Makeup trick: Fuller Lips Without Surgery

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