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Makeup tricks for seductive eyes

Get seductive eyes by correcting your eye flaws through makeup. We present you some tips and tricks on how to do that. If the color of your eyes is brown or black you should know that not any colour will help you highlight them. It is recommend it to use shades in tones of vanilla, peach, golden yellow, beige, silver gray, browns, plum and purple, navy blue, mint green, khaki and turquoise.

If you have blue eyes then you should use shades of gold makeup, orange, pink gold, red, purple, pink, beige, silver, gray, blue, burgundy, red brown, bronze, khaki and black.

For green eyes you should pick  tones of purple, coral, lilac, brown, reddish brown, pink gold, yellow gold, pink beige, red violet, peach, olive green, beige, gold, khaki, taupe or caramel and derived hues from the complementary color – red.

Increase your eye optical appearance by outlining the lower eyelid counter with a kajal white or beige pencil. If it happens to have raised eyelid, use a black pencil to contour both the upper and the bottom lash line. To finish the look apply mascara using a zigzag technique. To obtain an elongate eyes effect apply it well on the outer corners. If you want more volume for your lashes, apply mascara on 2-3 layers by waiting 30 seconds after you applied the first layer.

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Makeup tricks for seductive eyes

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