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Many Ways To Use Salt Into Your Beauty Treatments

Common salt is a mineral composed primarily of sodium chloride (NaCl), a chemical compound belonging to the larger class of salts; salt in its natural form as a crystalline mineral is known as rock salt or halite.
Salt is mostly sodium chloride, the ionic compound with the formula NaCl, representing equal proportions of sodium and chlorine. Sea salt and freshly mined salt (much of which is sea salt from prehistoric seas) also contain small amounts of trace elements (which in these small amounts are generally good for plant and animal health). Mined salt is often refined in the production of table salt; it is dissolved in water, purified via precipitation of other minerals out of solution, and re-evaporated. During this same refining process it is often also iodized.

Table salt is made up of just under 40% sodium by weight, so a 6 g serving (1 teaspoon) contains about 2,300 mg of sodium. Sodium serves a vital purpose in the human body: it helps nerves and muscles to function correctly, and it is one of the factors involved in the regulation of water content (fluid balance).
Salt can help you maintain and improve many aspects of your beauty aspect and also, it might be very efficient for the healthy of almost everything, from the nails to the skin. There are many ways which can follow in order to enjoy its efficiency and beneficial results. Here you will find some help.
Body scrub
If you just run out of a body scrub or you wish for a cheaper and healthier one, salt is the perfect ingredient and its effects are more efficient than many other cosmetics or pharmacies which are selling products full of chemicals and toxic additives. The only thing that you have to do, is to prepare a mixture from salt, olive oil and lemon juice. After the resulting paste is ready, you just have to massage the spots with problems with the mixture and your skin will be clean and the dead cells will be disappeared.

For puppy eyes
Put a teaspoon of sea salt in warm water and wait for it to dissolve. Soak cotton pads in that liquid and apply them on your dark circles. Take great care not to reach the eyes.

Loose curls
If you wish to some really nice curls with an natural aspect, then you should use a mixture from sea salt and warm water, you only have to spray with it and your hair will get curly and won’t have to suffer from the burns anymore.

Remedy for tired legs
You can prepare yourself a relaxing bath from adding a handful of coarse salt in your bath, 2-3 teaspoons of lemon juice and 2 drops of rosemary essential oli and you will get rid of the feeling of heavy legs and it will be useful for your skin, as well.

Treat pimples
You can use a cup of water with a teaspoon of sea salt, let is dissolve and after that, apply it on the skin using a cotton pad, leave it to dry and make its job for a while. Afterwards, rinse with clean water. This will cleanse your dry skin and pimples.

Relaxing bath
You can use a cup of sea salt every time you get a relaxing bath. It will help your legs and arms to relax, your bones, and it will also improve the aspect of your skin.

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Many Ways To Use Salt Into Your Beauty Treatments

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