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Nail designs for the summer

Summer is on our doorstep and this is the moment when the party gets started! Flowing materials, short skirts or pants, tight braids or free curls, canvas espadrilles, floral motives and do not forget about matching the nails!
We propose you to try some very easy to make nail designs especially designed for this full of color summer! Arm yourself with a little creativity and with a bit of skills for an impeccable manicure and be ready to shine!
Aztec motifs are popular. Try matching the close with your nails. They even don’t need to be the same, so you can opt for a different model for each nails. It’s time you let your imagination run.
Painted models

Try simple models that require less time and effort. Try obtaining an ombre manicure for the background, a palm tree for instance will perfectly match the landscape.
Ombre in neutral colors
Like aztec motifs to clothes, ombre pattern remains in the attention of fashionistas this season when it comes to ombre nails. Firstly, you need to buy an entire nail polish color family. Make a selection of it and make sure to start applying the darker shade up to the brighter one.
Ombre pastel
This ombre pastel technique is to be applied as in the previous method described above. The difference stays in the fact that you can play with pastel shades in order to obtain ombre pastel nails.
Glitter flakes
Want to try something different without going too far? Choose glitter flakes nail polish, and apply it on one nail in particular.
Ombre glitter
A glitter based nail polish might save you from any situation. When it comes to special, glamorous, retro or thematic parties, it is absolutely necessarily to come up with a perfect out of the ordinary manicure.
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Nail designs for the summer

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