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Natural hair mask for split ends

Our hair is a living part and it needs special care in order to remain healthy and strong. There are various reasons for which we might have sometimes problems with our hair, whether if it is about split ends of loosing hair. These factors can be mechanical (using automatic curlers, iron devices to arrange the hair), chemical (using bleach, dye or other types of artificial products) and nutritional (not giving all the nutrients necessary for your hair, having a poor diet, eating junk food and so forth).
Are you still struggling to get rid of split ends? Forget about all the treatments you tried so far. As well as the old habits of taking care of your hair. It’s time to make your personalized mask for split ends. It is easy to do and it requires a few ingredients.

– one ripe banana;
– three tablespoons of honey;
– one tablespoon of coconut butter;
– cream (of milk);
– two tablespoons of milk;
– one ripe avocado;
– olive oil;
– water.
Preparation method:
You have to warm the milk. In the mean time, mix the banana adding three tablespoons of honey, a tablespoon of coconut butter and cream. Once the milk is warm, add two tablespoons of warm milk to the mixture. Take the ripe avocado, cut it in two and smash it. Add olive oil. Mix them all together and put them to bain marie. For that, you have to heat a pot with water and put another smaller vessel above him. Pour and stir continuously to homogenize all ingredients. Note: the ingredients need to be warm, not hot! Mix until the composition becomes a paste. Now your hair mask is ready to use.
It is recommended to apply the mask on wet and clean hair. After applying the mask on the ends of the hair, cover it in a plastic wrap or in a damp heated towel. Let the hair mask act for approximately 20 minutes. Wash your hair with warm water (again, do not use hot water) and use a mild, regenerating shampoo. Do not dry your hair using any kinds of hairdryers, leave it dry naturally. Repeat this ritual once a week and in only one month your will have again an incredibly beautiful and healthy hair.
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Natural hair mask for split ends

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