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Natural recipe for body scars removal

This is 100% natural recipe, extremely easy to do it yourself, based on natural ingredients that have amazing effects on scars. This recipe is not only highly efficient for unsightly scars that are new, but also for old scars you had for a lifetime.
– four tablespoons of lemon juice
– four tablespoons of honey
– one egg white
Preparation method:

Add the lemon juice, honey and egg white into a bowl and mix them together until the composition thickens. The mixture resulted should have the texture similar to a paste. Apply the mixture directly on the areas you have scars. Leave the composition action for approximately 20 minutes. Rinse the face using warm water.
This scars treatment has best results if applied once a day for at least a period of one month. After one month of treatment, the scars you had for a lifetime will start diminishing and disappearing once for all.
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Natural recipe for body scars removal

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