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How to prepare a homemade natural foundation

Because of their beneficial, bio cosmetics, especially those prepared at home, have become increasingly popular. The properties that they have successfully places them above those from the shops. I’ll show you how you can prepare a  natural  foundation at home. Follow the steps below and you’ll get the best foundation that you have ever had!

The process of preparing a  homemade foundation  may sound complicated, but is not. Here is what you need:

– Two teaspoons of argan oil (dry or sensitive skin) or jojoba oil (oily skin);
– A teaspoon of shea butter;
– Half a teaspoon of emulsifying wax;
– A tablespoon of aloe vera gel;
– A teaspoon of Hamamelis water (witch hazel);

– A half or a quarter teaspoon of cocoa (depending on your skin tone);
– Half a teaspoon of clay or rice powder;
– Half a teaspoon of  mica powder for shine (optional).

Preparation method
Step 1: getting the base

Put the selected vegetable oil, shea butter and emulsifying wax to melt using bain-marie method. After the composition is homogeneous, add aloe vera gel and witch hazel water. Mix again and put it aside.

Step 2: getting the right shade for your skin
Gradually add the ingredients that help you get the right shade for your skin. It is important that you “play” with them until you manage to get to a color as close as your skin color. Cocoa darkens the shade and clay or rice powder lights it.
Test the color on the forehead, and if you’re happy with the result, store the natural foundation  in a suitable container. For shine, add powdered mica.
If this recipe seems complicated or expensive, but you want to try a natural homemade foundation , we have a simpler solution: Mix organic face cream with natural mineral powder.

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How to prepare a homemade natural foundation

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