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How to properly clean the washing machine

The washing machine accumulates after only a few uses, a number of submissions. In addition, it is quite possible that in a very short time, your clothes not to smell fresh at the end of the washing program, and to have different odors. Commercially there are all sorts of products specifically designed for cleaning the dishwasher, but fortunately, you can  prepare such a solution at home with the existing kitchen products, organic products and very cheap. Here is how you can do that:

Vinegar solution
Preheat (but not boil) a bottle of vinegar to pour it in the washing machine tub. Add a bag of baking soda and close the dishwasher door. Allow the solution to act for half an hour and then wash on a short program at the highest temperature. At the end of treatment the  inside of the dishwasher will be perfectly sanitized, disinfected and free of any odors. Careful! It would be good to open all the windows in the house because the smell of vinegar will spread in all the rooms.
Also, after washing, you should leave the dishwasher door open to remove all traces of vinegar odor.
Another trick that you can do when washing clothes, is to add half a cup of vinegar over the clothes. This is very effective especially for towels or underwear because disinfects fabrics.
Also, when you do not have time to do all these steps, fill a tube spray with vinegar and spread the product in the washing machine tub and leave it on for an hour, while you spray every 10 minutes.

Lemon juice
If you notice that there are small problems with rust, add a cup of lemon juice (lemon and salt) to a short washing cycle, but at a very high temperature. Lemon juice cleans rust stains, sanitizes and refreshes the inside of the washing machine, offering a pleasant and fresh scent.

How to clean the exterior of you washing machine
The washing machine must be cleaned on the outside also, mix a cup of water with half a cup of vinegar, soak a sponge in this solution and wipe the exterior of your washing machine.
Also, if it is possible to remove special drawers for detergent and conditioner, it would be good  to keep them under a strong stream of hot water to remove any deposits. Also, at the end, sanitize the compartments with a little vinegar.

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How to properly clean the washing machine

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