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How to properly wash and disinfect bedding

Linen gather over time, large amounts of dead skin, dust and microscopic mites. In addition, it absorbs sweat that not only yellows linen fabrics, but also causes bacteria to grow. Hence a simple washing is not always enough to have a perfect bedding, clean and safe for your health.
Here’s what to do to have clean and sanitized linens.

Washing program
Once every week is necessary to wash bedding and replace it with a clean one. Wash bed linen in the washing machine with regular detergent. You can choose any flavor as long as it is automatically detergent.
Besides detergent would be good to add a cup of white vinegar. It disinfects fabrics in depth. Do not worry about the smell – it will evaporate as the laundry will dry.
If there are stains on underwear, you might want to add  directly to them a teaspoon of vinegar or spray with a special tube. Only after 10 minutes you can wash them. It is preferable to avoid useful softener, especially if it tends to yellow the linen.

Soaking the linen
Another option that you can disinfect linens is soaking it in warm water in which you put 20 drops of essential oil of eucalyptus. It has the power to destroy all germs. Eucalyptus essential oil not only kills germs and bacteria, but refreshes fabrics, leaving  a wonderful smell.
After letting underwear sit 20 minutes in water with essential oil, you can put them in a short program  in the washing machine.
Also, on each washing program you can add, beside detergent, half a bag of baking soda. It deep cleans, disinfects and eliminates odor.

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How to properly wash and disinfect bedding

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