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Pumpkin facial mask for glowing skin

Pumpkin is a food that has many nutritional properties, extremely beneficial to our organism. Rich in antioxidants and vitamins, pumpkin is perfect in any season and, moreover, has low calories, making it suitable for weight-loss diets,  100 grams of pumpkin  containing only 26 kcal.
Another aspect that I recommend is that can be used both for cooking and for other uses. For example, you can use pumpkin facial mask for all skin types, but, depending on your skin type is recommended to be re-used in different combinations of food.

So find out what pumpkin face mask fits your skin type:
Due to high content of zinc, antioxidants and vitamins, pumpkin facial mask may be helpful to people with problematic skin. Pumpkin prevents premature skin aging and blemishes caused by aging and  sun overexposure, but is also a good exfoliator that smooths the skin  and makes it brighter.

Pumpkin facial mask for all skin types
The most simple and convenient pumpkin facial mask can be made at home using just two ingredients: you need only a few teaspoons of pumpkin pulp and an egg. Mix well until  you obtain a smooth  paste. The egg yolk is nourishes the skin, while whites have a lifting effect. Also this pumpkin facial mask is suitable for people who have acne problems.

Pumpkin facial mask for dry skin
If you are struggling with dry skin, add a few tablespoons of honey to moisturize and clean the skin (honey has antibacterial properties). Another facial mask that you can try is the pumpkin mask that contains pulp, cream and honey. To get a more fine paste, boil the pumpkin, but not too much because it’s going to lose its properties.

Pumpkin facial mask for oily skin
If you have an oily skin, add a small amount of apple cider or cranberry juice; they will remove the shine caused by sebum  excess . If you don’t have these two ingredients, you can turn to lemon juice, because it acts as a toner and regulates pH level.

Blackheads give a lot of headaches to women, so you can use in this situation a facial mask based on pumpkin. Combine pumpkin pulp with white clay powder, mix well and apply on the problem areas. Leave on for 20 minutes and you’ll enjoy a cleaner and healthier skin. To get the desired effect, it is recommended that you apply the mask (whatever problem you want to get rid of) all over your face and leave it to act 15-20 minutes. The results will appear immediately.

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Pumpkin facial mask for glowing skin

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