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Quick remedies for gastritis crisis

Causes of gastritis are multiple, the most common being: medications (especially anti-inflammatory), alcohol and food aggressive digestive tract, the presence of bacteria (Helicobacter pylori) in stomach, lack of sleep, exaggerated consumption of black tea, coffee, spices and sauces. You must remember that gastritis progresses to ulcer, if is left untreated.

A few symptoms of gastritis are: lack of appetite, nausea, migraines, dizziness, stomach pains, stomach “burning” sensations, diarrhea or bloating.

A quick remedy to calm the crisis is eating exotic fruits like papaya, pineapple,coconut or ginger. Rice it is indicated in acute gastritis. If you’re experiencing burnings we recommend you the daily consume of one cup of boiled rice. If you are facing a chronic gastritis, you can choose the kind of foods that require prolonged chewing.

To calm the burnings eat coconut pulp or drink coconut milk. Coconut has a lot of minerals and vitamins that reduce the production of gastric juices and soothes the stomach. Plants that have calming properties and reduces the pains are peppermint, marigold, licorice, acacia flowers, raspberry leaves, horsetail and chamomile. Infuse one of this plants and enjoy a cup of tea, 3 times per day.

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Quick remedies for gastritis crisis

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