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Remedies for unwanted body hair growth

Unwanted body hair can be a serious problem, not to mention its excessive rise quickly after waxing. In winter season, we are tempted to reduce the regular hair removal sessions. Here are some tricks for how to slow body hair growth.

Weight control
Excess weight can be a factor that might influence hormonal changes and making our body hair growth even more often and faster. In this case, it is better to go see a specialist to provide you professional help in terms of hormonal imbalances and several possible solutions.

Insulin and carbohydrates resistance
Another factor that increases body hair growing is the consumption of sweets and carbohydrates. So it is recommended to reduce sweets and refined flour carbohydrates intake in order to slow down your body hair grows. It has been concluded that a low glycemic index helps balancing the metabolism and implicitly reducing excessive pilosity on women.
Plus, insulin resistance (that leads to 2nd type of diabetes) seems to make things worse in terms of pilosity, causing hormonal problems on women.

Body hair diminishing with the help of B6 Vitamin
B6 vitamin intake helps our body to better regulate blood glucose levels. B6 vitamin can be found in: fish, turkey, bananas, red pepper, broccoli, watermelon and carrots.

Vitamin E

 Vitamin E is responsible for hormonal imbalances that might cause excessive growth of body hair on women.
 Vitamin E intake might diminish male hormones and implicitly reduce excessive hair growth on arms, legs, mustache, and so forth.

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Remedies for unwanted body hair growth

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