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Remove hair dye stains from your face and hands

Dyeing your hair at home has both advantages and disadvantages. Advantages are that you are saving money and time and one disadvantage is represented by the stains from the hair dye that can remain on your forehead, ears or hands. Of course is better to prevent this from happening. What you can do is to apply a fat cream on the areas that gets stained more often: hairline and ears.

If you don’t have this kind of cream, an alternative would be to use vaseline, a colorless balm, or a hair conditioner. These types of products contain oily substances which prevent staining. Thereby your skin will not stain or if this accidentally will happen, the stains will be easy to remove.

If your cream doesn’t remove the stains you can try the solutions bellow. First solution requires a cotton swab and some olive oil. Drip a little olive oil on the swab and then gently wipe the skin. Be careful with the wiping because rubbing too hard can irritate your skin.

The second solution will only work, if you immediately want to remove the fresh dye stains from your skin. All you have to do is to spray a little hairspray on a cotton pad and wipe the stained areas. Nail polish remover is also a solution. Used on a cotton ball can help you get off the hair dye stains. Rub the areas using a circular motion and do not let the acetone soak your skin for long. Rinse the areas with warm or cold water.

You might have tried the cleanser. Cleanser works too, but if u mix it in equal parts with baby oil, the stains will disappear faster. Alcohol is also useful. You can try to use aftershave on a cotton pad and clean the skin. You might as well try to apply a dot of toothpaste onto the dye on your skin. After that you have to spread it so that it covers the stained area. Toothpaste is a mild abrasive and will remove the dead skin cells stained with dye. It doesn’t matter the brand of the toothpaste, any toothpaste will work. You can apply the toothpaste with your fingers or use a cotton makeup remover and then gently massage the stained area for 30-60 seconds. Rinse with lukewarm water until all the toothpaste is removed.

If you have some baking soda you can try to gently rub the stains. Also you can juice a lemon and drip the juice on the cotton pad, then wipe the stains. For a powerful effect you have to mix the lemon juice with the baking soda. Due to the acids, lemons has a strong effect on whitening and the baking soda is acts as a scrub. After wiping the areas, rinse with warm water.

If none of this solutions works, all that is left to do is to visit the beauty salon and purchase a special stain remover.

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Remove hair dye stains from your face and hands

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