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See what happens if you wash your clothes at low temperatures

Wine or tomato sauce stains on your shirt came off, but are really your fresh washed clothes out of bacteria? A recent study reveals that over 80% of our clothes are contaminated with E.coli or Salmonella bacteria.
If you want to  live in a healthy environment or to protect your  clothes, you tend to reduce water temperature of your washing machine. Moreover, many manufacturers of detergents encourages this to reduce energy costs. But experts are worried that this can affect our health.

Learn to  properly wash clothes

Even tough we  associate washing with clean and fragrant clothes, a single washing machine full of dirty clothes can contain over 100 million E.coli bacteria.
A recent study warns that cold water is not strong enough to kill all bacteria. Sally Bloomfield, a researcher at the London School of Hygiene initiated a campaign to educate the population on washing clothes hygiene. “We must learn to properly wash our clothes. Cleanliness and hygiene are two different things,” said Sally Bloomfield.
Contaminated cloths with golden streptococcus causes skin infections, urinary tract and pneumonia. Researchers believe that the only way to destroy bacteria is to wash the clothes at temperatures above 40 degrees, with detergents that contain bleaching agents.

The ideal temperature for laundry – 60 degrees
Even though many people are resistant to these bacteria, sensitive individuals with a weak immune system, may have serious health problems. Researchers believe that washing your clothes at lower temperatures than 40 degrees destroys only 6% of bacteria. The ideal temperature is 60 degrees, to destroy all bacteria.

Watch the detergents

Also, you have to pay attention when you pick detergent. There are non-biological detergents that contain bleaching agents, which cleans and disinfects and also relies on enzymes that remove dirt particles.

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See what happens if you wash your clothes at low temperatures

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