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Seven tricks for a perfect white smile

Who does not dream to have perfect teeth, like on magazine covers? Although you know and respect the teeth care ritual, yet they do not look exactly as you want. Do you think that without the intervention of an  specialist you will not be able to  have  perfect teeth?  You’ll change your mind once you put into practice these tricks!

1. Eat more cheese snacks!

Are you used to often have snacks based on fruits? Acid found in their composition affects tooth enamel, so, later, you can face problems . Experts recommend to include in your diet, especially when you take snacks, cheeses and humus. Cheese increases saliva production, which means they help to  naturally clean the teeth. In addition, it contains calcium that you know how useful it is for healthy bones and teeth.

2. Do you drink wine? Do not brush your teeth for an hour!
After drinking 1-2 glasses of red wine and notice that  spots appeared on teeth you probably feel the need to brush them. Given that in wine composition you can found acids, wait an hour before brushing your teeth, otherwise you will affect their enamel. Do not forget this advice and you will be able to have perfect teeth without cavities.

3. Brush your teeth before breakfast!
Usually, people brush their teeth after meals, in order to remove food debris, but more important is to reduce the accumulated bacteria in the mouth because in the morning they are more numerous than during the day. If you do not brush your teeth, use mouthwash. Try to make  your own  based on water and essential oil of peppermint. It will work wonders for your oral cavity!

4. Rinse your mouth with water combined with apple cider vinegar!
Morning after you woke up, rinse your mouth with a solution obtained from water and apple cider vinegar. Put equal amounts of both ingredients, and if the solution tastes bad, dilute it with water again. Vinegar removes stains, whiten teeth and remove bacteria from the gums and tongue, helping you to get a perfect teeth.

5. Drink juice through a straw!
Typically, fruit and vegetable juices stain teeth, so it is better to use a simple trick. Use a straw every time you drink sodas and you will find that your teeth are whiter and cleaner. In addition, to remove residues left on your teeth afterwards, you can eat an apple.

6. Use the olive oil treatment
To have a perfect  smile, not only the teeth should be beautiful and healthy, but also the gums. Therefore, if you are dealing with bleeding and inflammation, do not hesitate to follow a treatment based on olive oil. All you have to do is to keep the oil in your mouth 5-10 minutes, then wash your teeth well. He will remove bacteria from the mouth, hydrate and nourish gums tissues.

7. Clean your teeth with fruit peels!
As weird as it sound, as effective it is. Clean your teeth with the inside of a banana peel or an orange peel. This area is rich in magnesium, manganese and potassium, extremely useful substances to the tooth enamel. A few minutes later, brush teeth as usual. Resort to this trick twice a week.

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Seven tricks for a perfect white smile

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