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Six oils hair mask. Get super glossy hair

Every woman’s dream is to have a long and healthy hair. Most commercially available products are expensive and often inefficient in long term. We propose you a hair mask made from natural products that will make your hair glossy and voluminous. Used in long-term, will nourish the hair and treat alopecia.

You should know that even a normal hair can become dry, especially towards the ends, where the sebum reach in smaller quantities. To prevent dehydration problem you should try the following treatment and obtain a super glossy hair, like in the magazines.
This mask will make any type of hair become brighter, richer and enhances hair growth. To prepare the  six oils hair mask you need:
– Coconut oil – it feeds the scalp
– Olive oil – increases hair elasticity and stops hair loss
– Sesame oil – ideal for split ends
– Mustard oil – the best hair balm
– Almond oil – the perfect remedy for dull hair

– Castor oil – antibacterial and antifungal properties protects hair from any external causes of hair loss
– A few curry leaves and 2 small onions

How to prepare it:

100 ml of  each of the the aforementioned oil  should be low heat in a pan with a thick bottom. Add a handful of chopped dried leaves of curry (can be found in spice stores). Let all the ingredients cook until the leaves turn brown and add finely chopped onions. Leave all the ingredients to simmer until the solution gets  an intense brown color.
Leave the obtained oil  to cool, strain and maintain the bottles covered.
The  obtained mask should be used twice per week as follows: massage the scalp and leave it to act for 30 minutes and then wash well.

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Six oils hair mask. Get super glossy hair

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