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Dry your nail polish instantly

Home manicure can be a real pain, especially if you have two left hands. Besides that you fail to apply nail polish you realize that you have dirt your fingers also and the drying process is also not easier. Most often, those few minutes you  have to wait for your nails to dry seem an eternity and exactly then you  ...

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7 quick post waxing solutions to avoid irritations

No matter  the used method to get rid of the unwanted hair, it is impossible not to be experienced at least once skin irritation after waxing, shaving. Immediately after waxing the skin becomes sensitive and hair roots can bleed and take the appearance of red spots and a possible folliculitis may compromise the appearance of fine, sexy legs. But if ...

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5 amazing properties of cactus oil for your hair and skin

When a plant survives in the  extreme conditions of the desert, you surely know that has exceptional properties! Cactus is famous not only for its spines, but also because it faces transition temperatures from minus to plus and  its ability to hold  the small amount of  water that it receives. Cactus oil retains the “magical abilities” of the plant from ...

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How to prepare a homemade natural foundation

Because of their beneficial, bio cosmetics, especially those prepared at home, have become increasingly popular. The properties that they have successfully places them above those from the shops. I’ll show you how you can prepare a  natural  foundation at home. Follow the steps below and you’ll get the best foundation that you have ever had! HOMEMADE NATURAL FOUNDATION RECIPE: The ...

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How to get rid of cellulite with vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is one of the most effective natural ingredients in your house. He is an ally not only in the care of the hair, but also against cellulite. Want to know how apple cider vinegar acts on skin affected by cellulite? Here are the solutions that you can use to eliminate the  orange peel  from the belly, back ...

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Quick homemade treatments for a beautiful, healthy hair

Whether you have natural hair or you are between dyeing , you can use with confidence these natural recipes that you will enhance your hair color and support scalp health!The best part? You can find all the necessary ingredients in your kitchen! Extra vitality for blonde hair Combine 1/3 ketchup with 2/3 parts of hot water. Apply the mixture on your ...

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