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How to clean the inside of your shoes and get rid of the odor

You should clean / wash the inside if your shoes, especially running shoes, casual ones, or every day shoes. Inevitably, your feet sweat more or less, and that activates bacteria which cause odor and transfer to the inner sole of the shoe. If some of them you  can be put t in the washing machine, other pairs of shoes are more complicated to  be cleaned  inside.You ...

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How to have a clean, free of germs bathroom in 4 steps

Bathroom is one of the favorite rooms of pathogens from the entire room. Because of the constant moisture, these microorganisms find a supportive environment in which to develop, so it is essential to disinfect and to ventilate properly. Take care to repeat these habits every two months. Here are four steps that will help you have a clean bathroom, free ...

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7 household items that you can clean with vinegar

Are you tired to give money on expensive cleaning products that are not even half of the thing they promise? What would you say if you try to apply natural cleaning methods? Did you know that the ordinary vinegar can help you get rid of the dirt in the house? Here are a few objects and places in the house ...

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How to keep your kitchen free of bacteria

Whether you like to cook, whether you “lock” the kitchen of, one thing is certain – after you have ended the “hostilities” behind you remain many dishes and soiled utensils , odors, steam, sometimes even smoke … But there are some tricks that can help you have a clean kitchen, without bacteria.Also whether you cook or not, you know food ...

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How to properly clean your kitchen

No more bacteria! To disinfect dishwasher, put a bowl of vinegar to the last grid and turn it on without adding dishes to clean. Trash can To change the trash bag faster, put two bags in the trash can, and one will remain as a reserve. Thus, when you take out the  garbage bag, one will remain on the bottom waiting ...

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