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How to remove stains from cotton

Whether you’ve stained your favorite dress or  cotton shirt, you definitely need a fast and functional method by which to inscribe cleanliness and freshness in fabric. Discover what are the best options that can help you remove stains from cotton clothes. Mold stains Unfortunately mildew is a problem that extends not just in the bathroom, kitchen and other wetlands in ...

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How to remove blood stains from clothing

Accidents happen, so most of us have experienced, at least once, with blood stains on clothing or bedding. They are incredibly difficult to remove, whether  the clothes are white or colored  and especially if we do not act immediately. See how you can get rid of them, at home, using the following tips:

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10 types of stains and their solutions

One of the inconveniences that we encounter in everyday life are the stains. Have you recently purchased a blouse, and when you dining out, you stained it with sauce, your child’s clothes is full of carrot juice, you had guests, and tablecloths are full of stains of wine an so on …

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Detoxify your blood with this recipe

A clean and healthy circulatory system is essential for health maintaining, because without a good blood circulation, the body can’t effectively function within any system. Healthy circulation is essential for health and can properly heal every part of the body, without exception. Nutrition specialist recommend a detoxify recipe based on two ingredients sunflower seeds and water.

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