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Homemade cream for dry skin

Sometimes, without any reason skin begins to dry out more and more, which means you must pay attention and nourish it properly. On the market there are, of course, special products for dry skin, but  often  on a  staggering price, especially if you want to buy quality products. Therefore, we propose you to make it with your own hands … ...

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4 Steps to Get Rid of Upper Arm Cellulite

In spite of the fact that cellulite is regularly formed on the lower parts of the body, it is not submitted only on the thighs but also on the arms; especially women having serious fat deposits can have this condition at the level of the arms, too. See below four steps of fighting cellulite on the arms.

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6 beauty tips for your daily routine

When it comes to beauty tricks, we never know enough techniques. Even if we are aware of the benefits of certain products or routines, however we need sometimes to be reminded of in order to put them into practice. Try to stick to simple and natural methods as they are usually more effective chemical, more complicated and costly ones. Today ...

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Reshape Your Silhouette With This Miraculous Drink

Silhouette is a highly important aspect in our times, especially for women and especially during the summer season, when the number of clothes drops down significantly. The influence of media is everywhere around us and the aesthetic part is one of the most important aspect nowadays. All celebrities look faultlessly and we tend to try to keep up. Do you ...

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How to efficiently remove belly fat

Do you want to get rid of fat in a particular part of the body? A better solution would be to lose weight all over your body and exercise mainly on the desired area. This idea of losing fat if you can focus specifically on the abdomen has been discredited since 1980s. So if you want to get rid of ...

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