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Skin detox to get rid of skin imperfections

Lifestyle plays a very important role in terms of appearance and body’s beauty is reflected in your skin health,  hair, and the way you take care of yourself. Because of harmful substances which inevitably get into contact with every day stress and inadequate nutrition, your body is forced to fight with aesthetic conditions. These imperfections are felt through the skin ...

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How to have a clean, free of germs bathroom in 4 steps

Bathroom is one of the favorite rooms of pathogens from the entire room. Because of the constant moisture, these microorganisms find a supportive environment in which to develop, so it is essential to disinfect and to ventilate properly. Take care to repeat these habits every two months. Here are four steps that will help you have a clean bathroom, free ...

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How to clean a stained bathtub

A stained bathtub will worsen the entire appearance of the bathroom but despite the fact that you can not always keep it perfectly clean , you can still clean it from once in a while  and make it look like new. Besides  cycle cleaning  you should know that any bathtub needs a thorough cleaning, preferably with professional products, bathdepending on ...

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4 ways to unclog bathroom and kitchen drain

Bathroom or kitchen’s clogs are an issue that frequently happens if you don’t try to keep pipes clean and protect them. However, if you get in a situation where the drain is clogged,  you have to learn how to fix the problem. Here are some of the most common and effective ways to do that.

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8 things you can clean with a toothbrush

Cleaning doesn’t mean only vacuuming, dusting and moping.  You have to clean every corner and object of your house. Well..everyone has a  toothbrush in their house. The brush shape makes it easy to handle and it’s perfect for cleaning a difficult surfaces. In the following article we present you eight things or surfaces that can be cleaned with a toothbrush.

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How to use salt in cleaning

Salt. This is an indispensable ingredient in any household! Salt not only gives good flavor to dishes, but also helps you on house cleaning. It’s a natural product that does not harm the environment nor the house, so you can use it with confidence.

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