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How to clean blinds

One of the most difficult activities that you  have to do at home is cleaning the blinds. These objects changed their appearance much lately. At first, they were made of wood, then appeared the canvas, and now, the most common are the plastic ones. They attract dust very quickly and they require the most rigorous and frequent cleaning process. And ...

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How to use vodka on cleaning

Vodka is an alcoholic drink very popular, primarily used for cocktails. Still, vodka is a perfect ingredient to clean and disinfect certain objects in your home. Here’s how you can use vodka in the cleaning process of your house. Vodka clean ceramic tiles Any hardened stain on tiles can not resist to a strong spirits such as vodka. Pour a ...

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How to clean the walls

Even if you do not notice, dust is deposited in large amounts on the surface of the walls. If you do not regularly dust, the finish degrades, there is a risk of  spiders to appear and, very importantly, allergen germs will develop. Add this activity on your list of cleaning to protect the health of the entire family.

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How to clean the stove quickly and effortlessly

The stove, especially for housewives who cook every day, may be so soiled that you have to spend hours to clean it. Scouring powder or special solutions  designed to dissolve  fat often prove to be powerless in fighting dirt, not to mention the time you have to spend rubbing or brushing the surfaces.

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How to clean the iron: 6 fast and efficient methods

The iron can give you headaches if you do not know to clean  after each use. Certainly each of us has confronted, at least once, to stain the fresh washed clothes with the iron. Instead of buying a new one, here are some tips that will help you to remove the dirt from it and avoid staining your clothes.

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