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Essential oils recipes to refresh clothes

If you are tired to spend large amount of money on fabric softeners  that total  changes the flavor when they get on fabric, it not only has to replace them with  essential oils. Choose your favorite flavors and use them every time you do laundry. They do not stain or attack fabrics and their odor persists in a pleasant and ...

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8 summer stains. See how to remove them

Light-colored clothes are in great demand on summer – they are modern and do not attract hot sun rays. However, what do you do when you mistakenly wake up with stained clothes? And more importantly, what do you do when your favorite piece of clothing has a huge stain on it?

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How to properly wash your baby’s clothes

If you’re a mother who has recently given birth, then certainly you know how much attention you should pay to the washing routine of your baby, especially because his skin is sensitive and scarcely develops immunity. That is why  we decided to approach this sensitive topic:  the properly washing of  baby’s clothes.

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How to remove blood stains from clothing

Accidents happen, so most of us have experienced, at least once, with blood stains on clothing or bedding. They are incredibly difficult to remove, whether  the clothes are white or colored  and especially if we do not act immediately. See how you can get rid of them, at home, using the following tips:

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