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7 quick post waxing solutions to avoid irritations

No matter  the used method to get rid of the unwanted hair, it is impossible not to be experienced at least once skin irritation after waxing, shaving. Immediately after waxing the skin becomes sensitive and hair roots can bleed and take the appearance of red spots and a possible folliculitis may compromise the appearance of fine, sexy legs. But if ...

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Homemade cream for scars: 3 healing recipes

Scars may be a reason why you feel embarrassed and you want to put as many clothes on.Whether it’s about scars left by acne, surgery, stretch marks or other injuries, they are never a cause for joy, so, naturally, everyone would like to be able to get rid of them. While there is no  miraculous way for  skin recovery, with ...

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Homemade cream for dry skin

Sometimes, without any reason skin begins to dry out more and more, which means you must pay attention and nourish it properly. On the market there are, of course, special products for dry skin, but  often  on a  staggering price, especially if you want to buy quality products. Therefore, we propose you to make it with your own hands … ...

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Innovative cream to remove stretch marks

Stretch marks appear on areas which grow fast at puberty or when you gain weight, like your arms, stomach, breasts, thighs and hips. Pregnancy and losing weight also lead to stretch marks, which are very common on the hips. They are scars of the tissue which had to expand really fast due to rapid growth of your weight or a ...

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Body scrub for thighs stretch marks

Stretch marks may appear in different parts of the body, they are especially common on the hips, thighs, arms, stomach and breasts. Stretch marks are formed when the skin has suffered damages characteristic by rapid growth. They are actually tissue scars. Stretch marks on the thighs can be reduced. Ingredients: – cocoa butter – water – body scrub

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